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Board of Directors

Professional Appraisers Association of South Dakota was formed to provide one statewide professional appraisers organization to represent all appraisers within the state. The organization's primary objectives are to provide in state education for appraisers, promote the appraisal profession within the state, and to have a positive influence on the political environment.

Jan2023  Sandra Gresh  President  Britton  605-448-5929
Jan2023  Amy Frink  Vice-President  Aberdeen  605-225-7300
Jan2023  Mary Houk, SRA, AI-RRS  Past-President  Rapid City  605-431-1619

 Craig Steinley, MAI, SRA,
                          AI-RRS, AI-GRS 

 Rapid City


Jan2023  Brooke Newstrom, SRA  Director  Rapid City  605-484-9039
 Jan2023  Bill Bear  Director  Rapid City  605-342-1698
 Jan2025  Charlotte Deaver  Director  Winner  605-842-0355
 Jan2025  Scott Kopplin, SRA  Director  Sturgis   605-641-3682
 Jan2024  Marshall Miller  Director  Sioux Falls  605-361-1699
 Jan2024  Marv Siebrecht  Director  Aberdeen  605-725-7000
 David Lawrence, MAI, SRA, SR/WA,
                                           AI-GRS, AI-RRS

 Sioux Falls



P.O. Box 7742 | Rapid City, SD 57709
(605) 381-9415
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